Day Drinking in Las Vegas in the Winter

Love that electronic dance music? Don’t want to put on those high heels just yet? Want a cocktail (or seven) during the day to make this the best Vegas trip ever? We’ve got just the place for you!

Las Vegas sprang out of the dusty desert and turned into a major tourist attraction.  While it was founded on gambling, the hotels and casinos were smart.  As other states continue to legalize betting, Vegas realized it needed more.  It is nicknamed the entertainment capital because of the games, nightclubs, and shows—but now there’s even more.

It’s been a decade since Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino founded the modern pool party.  Partiers enjoy music from world-famous DJs, the sun, and plenty of cocktails.  If you have a bit of cash to blow, trade in the tables for bottle service on daybeds at the edge of the pool, starting at a few hundred bucks.  Keep in mind; they’re usually at least a grand, depending upon how many bottles of alcohol you order.

Most summer days climb to the triple digits, but the desert does eventually get cold.  When the weather cools down and pool season ends, you can still party while the sun is up at a dayclub.  Probably the biggest and most well established is Ghost Bar Day Club at the Palms Casino Resort just off the strip (also home to Ditch Friday’s pool party during the summer).

GBDC is in Ghost Bar, on the 55th floor of the Ivory Tower overlooking some of the finest views of the strip.  It’s a great spot to update your latest profile pic and the sun’s out so you won’t even need a flash.

Inside you’ll find a DJ, go-go dancers, and costumed characters pumping up the crowd.  Expect to see sparkers when someone orders champagne, confetti (just because), and there was even a contortionist the day we were there.

What should you wear?  Flip flops are ok! It’s casual because it is in the middle of the day after all.  Plus costumes are also encouraged.  We’ve spotted fairies, a wannabe New York Knicks team, and a ninja.  Ask around because there are themes on many Saturdays.

The atmosphere is just as pumped as a nightclub, but a little more ridiculous.  Just remember if you start partying at 1 p.m., it’s going to be a long day, but then again they don’t call it a “Vegas weekend” for nothing.


Palms Casino Resort

4321 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89103


Ghost Bar Day Club (GBDC)

Season: Winter
Hours: 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Dress Code: Casual/costume

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