I’ve always said, my hobby is trying new things, so when my good friend asked me to hike 17 miles in West Virginia over a weekend and spend the night under the stars, I said, absolutely. I’ve now camped a handful of times, but it’s always been car camping. Carrying all of your supplies, Read More

There are so many beautiful hiking trails in the Rocky Mountain National Park, it’s hard to pick just one. So, we took the advice of locals working at an outdoor shop in the nearby town of Estes Park and chose the path to Sky Pond. The hike was just difficult enough that I felt, Read More

About a half hour north of Louisville, KY is a strip of land known as the Devil’s Backbone in the Ohio River. It was once a thriving tourist attraction near Charlestown, IN that brought in visitors by the boatload. Today, it’s hard to believe anything was built at Rose Island let alone guest cottages,, Read More