Oklahoma State Fair

Corndogs, bull riding, and rollercoasters oh my! Those are just some of the things you’ll find at the Oklahoma State Fair.

OK State FairLet’s start with the food because honestly that’s the reason I go. Before there were gourmet food trucks there were carnival trucks. Big sellers include funnel cake, burgers, and fried chicken. I even hear there was a friend gummy bear, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find it. If you go, don’t forget to hit the ATM. Most of these delicacies are cash-only.

OK State FairKids and big kids rejoice! Amusement Park season is coming to an end, but the Fair rides are up and running. I heard one kid say he couldn’t walk in a straight line after jumping off a ride that must have spun in circles 200 times. I strapped on my GoPro to a grown man joining the kids on the biggest slide I’ve ever seen.

I was impressed with the vendors’ creativity, so I featured a few in my video. The Whombatz was my favorite (probably because I’m not a parent seeing the destruction their kids could create with it). There are siz foam tools to arm yourself against your opponent. It’s designed for ages 6+, but some grown-up boys I met (former military) seemed to be having the most fun.   http://whombatz.com/

OK State Fair

I could smell the animals and saw pony rides, but somehow missed the rest. I’m sure plenty of you have never been to a state fair before, so I encourage you to watch this video and consider checking it out next year. Admission in Oklahoma City was $10 a person, but that varies state to state.

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