USC Fans Flood Boston

I almost didn’t make this video after the Trojans lost to Boston College, but remembered how much cardinal and gold flooded the city.  Instead of complaining about how our team played, I wanted to show what great fans the University of Southern California has. In full disclosure I am an alumna and huge fan, thus totally biased.

Our fans aren’t as rowdy as the SEC and don’t live it as they do in the Big 10, but don’t mistake the California laid back attitude as indifference. One man I interviewed described us as the most passionate and committed.  The day before the game, the USC Marching Band lit up historic Faneuil Hall with their shining helmets and Trojan spirit.  Thousands attended from all over the world to show their support—not just to the team, but to the school as well.

If you recognize the alumni in this video, please share it with them.  Don’t forget to change the setting wheel in the bottom right corner fo the player to 720p HD.

While the game wasn’t the outcome we had hoped, I post this video to show the Trojan Family extends much further than southern California.  Fight on!


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