Wine and Fall Festival in Starlight, IN

The name of the town sounds like it comes from a story that begins “Once upon a time…” Drive about 30 minutes northwest of Louisville and you won’t pass much other than big yards, farms, and trees, so follow the signs closely. Huber’s Orchard and Winery is a full day of fun for kids and adults.  I have enjoyed their wine before, but this was my first trip up on a weekend.  There were so many people they had parking attendants, but not too many that there was traffic. On our way to the music we passed some kind of a Porsche car show where people were sitting around drinking wine and checking out the cars.

Once we made it to the winery there was a great live band playing oldies.  Usually the kids are the ones dancing, but wine inspired 60-somethings took over the dance floor at this event. I tried several wines myself including an apple cider inspired blend, which is great for casual winos.  The sweet Marcella tasted just like grape juice and went down very easily.  My friend and I ended up buying the Starlight White for only $9.99.  It was a lightly sweet sipping wine—great for spending a few hours sitting in the sun.  I said in the video all the wine is sweet, but let me rephrase that: all the wine I tried was sweet.

If you are a fan of pumpkin or apple, make sure to visit their store.  There are so many flavored treats—everything from candy apples to pumpkin bread to apple butter to pumpkin donuts. You can also pick fruits depending on the season.  The highlight of October, as you can imagine, is the pumpkin patch. You take a hayride to get there and can pick out your favorite!

I went with a group of friends on a Saturday afternoon. We had intended to stay for an hour or two, but the weather and atmosphere were so nice, we lasted the entire afternoon!  I highly recommend this as a daytrip from Louisville or Indianapolis.  It is billed as a winery, but there are activities for the kids, and it has a great restaurant as well.

Huber’s Orchard, Winery, & Vineyard:
19816 Huber Road
Starlight, IN 47106
(812)923-9813 Farm Market
(812)923-9463 Winery

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