Life-size Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the cast of Star Wars and Captain America burning in the street—that’s who I spent my New Year’s Eve with in 2015. I’ve never seen anything like January 31st in Ecuador’s capital city of Quito. Much of the city dresses up in crazy costume. I met the Grim Reaper,, Read More

If you’re visiting Ecuador, all the top-ten lists you will suggest the Otavalo Market.  It is the largest outdoor market in South America located 1.5 to 3 hours north of Quito, depending how you get there. Public transportation can take a long time, so we booked a private car for two to take us, Read More

The small South American country of Ecuador is literally in the middle of the world.  The equator cuts through just north of the capital, Quito, dividing the hemispheres, so naturally, there’s a monument.  If you are one of those people who loves a great photo op, this is the place for you! There are, Read More

I had two weeks to travel anywhere in the world—the only problem was that we had to leave right after Christmas when plane flights are pretty pricey.  I searched on Kayak ( for flights without a destination. The site doesn’t search exact dates, but does give you a general idea of what counties/cities have, Read More

I grew up studying the frozen city of Pompeii.  The people were going about their daily lives when Mt. Vesuvius caught them by surprise and erupted, covering the streets, buildings, and people with lava and preserving their last moments on this earth. This is a guide to show you how to get from Rome, Read More

Road Trip through Vermont: Where to Stop Most people drive through New England in the fall to drink in the crisp air and snap pictures of the vibrant red and orange leaves blanketing the region.   Unfortunately I arrived about two weeks too early and was surrounded by lush green.  That’s when I discovered there’s, Read More

I have found sharing your opinion of Disney can be highly controversial. I have friends who have annual passes at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA and they think it truly is the happiest place on earth. Some people locals take their kids for an afternoon of fun while young couples may visit for a date night.

There are two sides to Costa Rica with very different cultures. I want to tell you a little bit about a few stops along the Pacific Coast. Cold water haters listen up: I visited in July and August and the water was spectacular! I could literally walk right in without a wetsuit–much warmer than the Pacific that surrounds California. Secondly I discovered magical beaches with black sand.

I almost didn’t make this video after the Trojans lost to Boston College, but remembered how much cardinal and gold flooded the city. Instead of complaining about how our team played, I wanted to show what great fans the University of Southern California has. In full disclosure I am an alumna and huge fan, thus totally biased.

This quaint New England city is about 40 minutes north of Boston, but it has none of the same hustle and bustle of its Big Brother. Salem, Massachusetts was founded by the Europeans in the early 1600s at the site of a Native American trading post. You can still visit buildings from that century today. Salem is most famous, however, for the a dark period in American history filled with suspicion, fear, and murder. The year was 1692 when the Puritans killed 20 of their own—19 women and one man accused of witchcraft!